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This is the most noninvasive cosmetic treatment modality which can bring a great change in a smile, without affecting the enamel. These“minimal preparations or no-prep dental veneers” does not require grinding, cutting or filing down the original tooth structure for the proper placement.


Non Prep Veneers – Ultra thin veneers from a special porcelain which does not require the reduction of the tooth structure. However it may require minimal modifications in preparation of the teeth. These changes are sometimes necessary or desirable, while in some of the cases; it is possible to place the veneers with no preparation of the teeth at all.

Why Non Prep Dental Veneers Treatment

Non prep veneers that can be applied seamlessly and are ideally designed for ultra-thin, in order to deliver the natural looking smile. It may not even require local anesthesia while applying them. At Ardrum Clinic, we follow the standard protocol to offer non invasive solutions if possible. With the latest Ultra-thin veneers we simply glue the veneer on the natural tooth.Those who are uncomfortable with the idea of teeth getting filed down, this technique is the ideal as bonding is fully performed on the enamel.

This is certainly a good option for adults and adolescents those are looking for the effective cosmetic results for their dental conditions which include cracked teeth, discolored teeth, and the gap between teeth, worn teeth, slightly crowded or small teeth.

Advantages of Non Prep Veneers


  •  Enamel is completely retained by these veneers

  • The desirable smile is achieved in no time.

  • Porcelain veneers- These are placed on the front of the teeth to give it a new aesthetic look. The shade of the veneers matches with the natural teeth 

Non-prep veneers are much thinner; they also don't extend under the gum line like traditional veneers. At the most the new veneers may only require us to perform some minor reshaping of the enamel, but not to the extent of traditional veneers.


To find out if you're a candidate for non-prep veneers, visit us for a complete examination. From there we can discuss your options and whether we can transform your smile with little change to your teeth.

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